Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Session 3

Two The Redbrands ran off after the fight. They took Mae/Pebbles and Gardain Rockseeker gold. Kallishit Malisac rejoined us.

Went into The Sleeping Giant Inn
Two main powers: Halia Thorton was town power from beginning. One was elected because of money, but Halia Thorton “Her Ladyship” is not elected but Harbon Wester is, mostly based on magic.

Sleeping Giants Inn’s is all shady because of the Redbrands, not out of choice. Krista said the Inn used to be better than the Owns Stonehill Inn.
Krista tells the group that she is pretty certian that the towns master, Harbon Wester is somehow in with the Redbrands.
The party learns that someone by the name of Glass Staff is the leader of the Redbrands.

They also hear of Sister Gural – priestess of the God of luck. who is said to read your fortune if you pay.

When Gardain Rockseeker asked about Toblin Stonehill, Krista laughs. She made it clear she is clearly not interested in him, but that Toblin had a friend killed by Redbrands fairly recently.

Back at the Owns Stonehill Inn Owns wifes tells the party a Bard is coming soon to perform.

The party decied they need to good to the Phandalin Minor Exchange and meet with Halia Thorton.

Meanwhile Mae/Pebbles waits 2 hours to meet with an old friend named Moth.

Bard Dwarf sings song:
Two lovers of old
Love flaunt, stole Agathas beauty
Turned dude into a tree

Moth was Mai’s closest friend.
Halflings – Mai was was apart of the Redbrands
[[Glass Staff]] leader of Redbrands
Moth talks about a potential job sneaking into Halia Thorton‘s place. Apparently it can’t be done.
He then speaks of Sister Gural and how awesome she is and how she will tell you anything you want to know.

The rest of the part goes to meet Halia Thorton. She is a slinder women in her 30s. Her hair is tied in tight braid. She made a deal to bring them the leader of the Redbrands for 100g alive or 50g alive. Will give Kalli leadership of town if brought.

Glass Staff – was at shrine
Ogmia – God of Knowledge
Capture Glass Staff

Rockseeker with a gem on it.
Assistance – keeps tabs on the lands. Tells us the area – Paid assistance to keep quite.

Moment they walkin – gets a table for Lady Halia Thorton., her guards are there.

Orcs destroyed the town years ago. Lady Thorton, and a few comptreiates started the town.
Glass Staff is new, or at least came to power recently.

Darrian – Elf, owns an orchard. Would be a good leader, but is not interested according to Lady Thorton.

Spoke with Sildar recently.

Garalel – Sun elf – Symbol and candles – no iris. Blind but looks in our directions.
Temphora – Goddess of Goodluck – Greedy God. Will leave important things out.
Bogentel Spell Book – will trade two sessions for the book.
Agatha’s song is based on real place. Will answer one questions if we go to the tree.
Give doll for Bogental Spell Book – some have offered their own beauties and have been aged years.

Using Compass to find tree. Guarded by a magical mist.
Fought OwlBears
Fought Scourge – sucks blood

Lady Elf sucks 10 years from Gardains.

Volcano, hut beneath, touch her and she will see the vision.

Where is the mine of Gundren Rokseeker? – mountains, deeper, past forest, mountain side, no opening, here is the cave… Wave Echo Cave…. How dangerous, sealed with Rune. Or lots of shuffles.

Memory goes out of my mind.

Knox’s charater knows the place Hotenow Volcano

Castle – Gundren – hurt but alive – moved instantly – on root to a cave. Locked by a rune. To unlock you must capture one who helped make the ruin. The Spider has made Dopelgamers, either one can help to reverse the ruins. Need their hand…
One can be found in the castle that Gundren was in.

Look for Dopelgamers, also look like normal people.

How to capture Glass Staff – resides in Tresendor Manor, east of village. Attack from front is folly. Power lies with the halflings. Secret enterance into the manor.
Blinks, halting that can get us into the manor. Hoods would be recommend.



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