Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Season 5

Mae tries to kill the goblin, Gardain stopped it. Intimidated the goblin, Droop promised to take them to Cragmar castle.
loot – 33 silver, black leather eye patch, precious stone.

Short rest – dark hand slapped Gundren Rockseeker in a vision.

Droop has one massive tooth.

Open last door. Room is empty. Looks like a wizards workshop. Rat scurries under stuff. Lots of tombs and books. Rat is just sitting there.
Drop rat into vat of boiling stuff, it poofs away in a puff a smoke.

Lost mines of Phandalvor, forge of spells.

Open door, Mae checks for traps, walls are covered in scarlet clothes. Writing desk and bed are in shambles. Chest. Nothing in the chest.
Iarno, spies in Neverwinter say – kill or captcher adventures, don’t get captured.
Ilarno Albrek.

Forage of spells was fought over by Orcs. Lost mines will make someone wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.
Lightbringer – god of dawn – priest of Lathandor was made from it.

Asked innkeep at Owns Stonehill Inn about Sildar Hallwinter.
Owen did tells us about Duran who wished to reward us for saving his relatives.

Head to the Town Hall. Hearing shouting and yelling. Kalli, and Sildar and Town Master. Heard yelling and glass falling on the floor.
Town master, yelling, screaming:
Sildar is shown letter, basically condemning Iarno. Iarno was apart of the Lord’s Alliance.
Asked about Craigmare castle.
Craigmare Clan, Goblin clan.

Orchard is kept nice close to the home. Not time of year, but there are apples.
Door opens. Mearna is there. Do see, with huge spectacles on, an elf. Step-father to Mearna, son was taken. Children and Mearna are not elves. Thell.

Given Gardain Rockseeker and Lis – Sovles Sandanadel Boots of Elvenkind and some ball that restrains someone.
Mae sees another rat.
Elf named Daran Edermath. Need to return items at someone point.

As i walk, see the farm, looks normal.

Goblins at aunts house are all crying, took the Aunt and Carp. Note was left, “Bring back the stone.”

ThunderTree – Druid in ThunderTree will help.
See horseshoe marks in the dirt, heading to her Ladyships/ Phandalin Minor Exchange.

See Roulsh – just got laid. Probably sleeping with Halia Thorton.

Halia offers to rent horses if given collateral. See onyx statue that was looted then stolen from the green fairy dragon. Gave her Sapphire and two malachite pieces.

Arrive in Thundertree. Stone town in the center. Collapsed. Town is silent. A ruin. 6 signs near by reading: Plant monsters and zombie.

Find halfling druid, doesn’t like people, insulted us.
Opposite part of town is the druid’s (Ridalf) garden.
There are cultist and a DRAGON.
Fight plants in building.
Find a house with larger than normal spider-webs.
Find another house with webs.

Cultists, can self-emploed – Praise the dragon!
Attacked by 5 cultists… for NO reason!

We die. Wake, knocked out again.
Wake up in den with dragon. It is copper!!!!



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