Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Chapter 9

Get ready to go to Wave Echo Cave. Go to Phandalin Minor Exchange to meet with Halia Thorton.
Existed as a magical hub. Was a beautiful place. Was destroyed when the dwarves, the wizards, and orcs.

She gives an option of stealth or armor. Choose armor. Received bracers.
Receive a flask of whiskey in trade for the feather she took.

Sqirrek went to the Lionshield Coster to ask about potions.
Get the potions by paying 49.5 gold a piece. Mae bought a pony instead and wasted her healing potion on it.

One hour down from the surface. Can hear water, 20 feet up. Stone mural. Crates of supplies. Bowl has a plake next to it.
In Dwarvish:
Strength, Determination, Patience, Wisdom, Beauty. You must experience it all to be brave. Don’t be the last.
Keeper: Impress the keeper… or beware of the keeper.

Go to a pit further in. It has dead stuff down there. Big spiders and ghouls and stuff.
Found a dwarf that looks like it might be Tharden Rockseeker.
Found a note on the body that says: “Five bugs fly into a spider’s nest // Caught in the web // The Spider doesn’t protest”

Force field is be projected by the very walls.

Some of the skeletons are chard. All dead.

Go into tunnels. Lanterns are all lit.

Found a plant that has 5 basketballs on it.

Room with a bunch of plants, 10 different types of flowers. A vase appears magically. Sqirrek fly’s up, picks a bunch of flowers then lands to put flowers in vase. A gem appears, he takes it and hears: Beauty.

Find a talking worm… That Lis almost killed with fire.

Another room. Has two force field. they are on the ground. Basketball hoop. Makes a basketball shot. Ball turns into gym. Patience.

Kali breaks open door. into closet. Has well inside. Acid inside. 20 feet down there is something down there. There is a mural up above, that has big spoons. Assuming we can try to find a spoon that will help us get in.
Experiment with the acid.

A room that has been sealed. It is super clean. Three bells with handles. Four pressure plates. Have to have one person stand on pressure plates and then go and get rocks to weigh down the plates.

Kosef Tohami goes charging forward and gets attacked by a gelatinous cube. FIGHT!
Mae and Kali wrap a rope around the cube and pop out Kosef.

Find a lake. There is dead bodies. Sqirrek stabs a body with the spear but the body tires to grab the spear. Sqirrek uses his weapon bond to summon it back and they all leave.

Find another room with a fancy door. Mae unlocks it. Find a chest with a glass ladle in a chest and the heavy weight needed. Take the weight and put it back on the pressure plate. Receive the strength gem.

Take the ladle to the acid pit. The ladle gets longer, use it to get whatever is at the bottom of the pit. Wisdom.

Go back to a large section with fire-pits and tables. Dozen of dead warriors from long ago.

Body in a spiders web. Find a riddle on his body.
“The lucky coward // He tried to run away // The game wasn’t over // He didn’t want to stay
Promised me loyalty // A pawn so devout // Received the Spider’s bite // It’s his luck that ran out.”
The body is Ilarno Albrek

Stand with glyph where something can be inserted, like a gem.

Go back to pool. Kosef through a robe with a rock. Kali and Kosef try to pull out the body, the body is skeletal.
Fly up and then get lower and can see the stone below. See a mural with a picture of a small creature swimming down into the water and being okay. Cast Protection from Good and Evil on Mae. She swims down, takes the gem, Determination.

End of the session.


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