Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

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Session 1

Gundren Rockseeker hired the party to a take a trip down the High Road and deliver some goods to Batheens Previsions in Phandalin for 10 gold pieces a piece,

Gundren was with us then road ahead with Sildar Hallwinter.

Party came down the road when they came upon some horses dead on the side of the road. As they approached they were ambushed by some goblins.
As they attacked they said, “Kill everyone else, take the dwarf” referencing Gundren Rockseeker.

The party quickly killed the attackers then inspected the horses.

A letter was found on the horses. It was from Tharden Rockseeker. The letter spoke of the new cave they found but it had evil stuff to it and it smells bad. Nundro says they need reinforcements.

Finding the letter implies that Gundren Rockseeker is dead because the horse he was riding was dead. The party found blood leading down a path to the north.

At some point a little green dragon/fairy creature flew in out of nowhere an took some gold or something, said a rhyme of some kind in draconic, then after one of the party members spoke to it in dragonic it screamed in pain, Get Namari!

The party charged ahead, eventually reaching a cave filled with goblins. After making there way through it, dealing with a water damn that could be released and wash them out of the cavern, they eventually came to the once leader of this Goblins, Yimek. His place of leadership had been usurped by a Bugbear by the name of Clarg. He has a pet warg by the name of Ripper. Clarg was sent by “The Master” who goes by the name, The Spider. Yimek reveals that he has a half-dead Sildar and that he will give him to the party if they kill Clarg.

The party, after briefly licking their wounds, make there way back through the caves and encounter Clarg, and Ripper. There are some goblins there as well, but they stay out of the fight. Clarg went down easy, but Ripper took some extra time. Finally with Clarg and Ripper defeated, the party returned to Yimek. He gave them Sildar, and told them that Gundren Rockseeker was in another location. Cragmair castle, where a bugbear by the name of King Krul rules. Occasionally they would get instructions and letters from there.

The party found some crates with a Blue Lions head painted on it. They decided to take the crates with them.

Session 2
Just a small, quite town, nothing to see here...

Upon arriving back at their wagon carrying the crates with the Blue Lion head on it, they discover that there wagon has been tampered with. All the food has a single bit taken out of it, even some of the textiles. There are 4 green scales left behind, likely that little dragon trickster.

The rest of the trip into Phandalin is uneventful.

Upon arrival they are greated by a walking talking suit of armor called H204-Alpha. He speaks like a robot and typical of an AI it sees us as a threat and says it will attack us. Luckily Roush halts the AI. He tells the party that H204-Alpha is made by “Her Ladyship”, Halia Thorton and that she has done nothing but good for the town and we should give her our upmost respect. She is incharge of the Phandalin Minor Exchange. Roush directs us to Batheens Previsions.

Inside they met Elmor, who runs Batheens Previsions. When they walked in Elmor had a dagger on the counter, then took it off. When we asked about the other crates, he said that the mark on them was the mark of the Lionshield Coster. The building is just down the way.

The party rents the wagon for the short trip to Lionshield Coster, makes their way there and goes inside to meet Linene Greywind who runs this store front for the Lionshield Coster. She slips a weapon off the counter when the party walks in as well. She gives them 10 gold each for the goods and lets them know that with the goods that they gave her she can make some healing potions in a few days and to come back.

By asking Linene Greywind, the party learns of some interesting people and places.
The Sleeping Giant Inn is where the band of punks called The Redbrands frequent, and a sweet gal by the name of Krista
A flamboyant halfling by the name of Quilen AlderLeaf who also happens to be Mae/Pebbles aunt! They are known to higher goblins during the season work.
The party spends the evening at Owns Stonehill Inn. Toblin Stonehill who is probably is the NPC with the love interest in Krista.
Early the next morning the party gets up early to meet with “Her Ladyship” Halia Thorton at the Phandalin Minor Exchange. It is quite busy with a line going quite far out the door. It is all dwarfs that are waiting there. The party is told that they can come back later after the morning rush and meet with “Her Ladyship” then.

The party leaves and heads to the other known power in this city, the Town Master, Harbon Wester. He is located at the Town Hall He is a fat man that looks like King Robert from Game of Thrones. Sildar Hallwinter is there and is asking the Town Master about his friend Iarno. The town master is not to keen on discussing the matter.

From Harbon Wester we learn that the mine that Gundren Rockseeker and his brothers are interested in is not registered. They had an agreement with Halia Thorton that they would give no name and no location. All we know is that it is in the Northern Sword Mountains… which are to the south of Phandalin.

Harbon Wester also offers a reward of 100 gold pieces to the party if they can kill some Orcs that are menacing Phandalin.
The Redbrands however, he will not give a reward for. Just bring them in.

Two of the party members, eager to throw down with The Redbrands, go charging through the town and head to The Sleeping Giant Inn.

Session 3

Two The Redbrands ran off after the fight. They took Mae/Pebbles and Gardain Rockseeker gold. Kallishit Malisac rejoined us.

Went into The Sleeping Giant Inn
Two main powers: Halia Thorton was town power from beginning. One was elected because of money, but Halia Thorton “Her Ladyship” is not elected but Harbon Wester is, mostly based on magic.

Sleeping Giants Inn’s is all shady because of the Redbrands, not out of choice. Krista said the Inn used to be better than the Owns Stonehill Inn.
Krista tells the group that she is pretty certian that the towns master, Harbon Wester is somehow in with the Redbrands.
The party learns that someone by the name of Glass Staff is the leader of the Redbrands.

They also hear of Sister Gural – priestess of the God of luck. who is said to read your fortune if you pay.

When Gardain Rockseeker asked about Toblin Stonehill, Krista laughs. She made it clear she is clearly not interested in him, but that Toblin had a friend killed by Redbrands fairly recently.

Back at the Owns Stonehill Inn Owns wifes tells the party a Bard is coming soon to perform.

The party decied they need to good to the Phandalin Minor Exchange and meet with Halia Thorton.

Meanwhile Mae/Pebbles waits 2 hours to meet with an old friend named Moth.

Bard Dwarf sings song:
Two lovers of old
Love flaunt, stole Agathas beauty
Turned dude into a tree

Moth was Mai’s closest friend.
Halflings – Mai was was apart of the Redbrands
[[Glass Staff]] leader of Redbrands
Moth talks about a potential job sneaking into Halia Thorton‘s place. Apparently it can’t be done.
He then speaks of Sister Gural and how awesome she is and how she will tell you anything you want to know.

The rest of the part goes to meet Halia Thorton. She is a slinder women in her 30s. Her hair is tied in tight braid. She made a deal to bring them the leader of the Redbrands for 100g alive or 50g alive. Will give Kalli leadership of town if brought.

Glass Staff – was at shrine
Ogmia – God of Knowledge
Capture Glass Staff

Rockseeker with a gem on it.
Assistance – keeps tabs on the lands. Tells us the area – Paid assistance to keep quite.

Moment they walkin – gets a table for Lady Halia Thorton., her guards are there.

Orcs destroyed the town years ago. Lady Thorton, and a few comptreiates started the town.
Glass Staff is new, or at least came to power recently.

Darrian – Elf, owns an orchard. Would be a good leader, but is not interested according to Lady Thorton.

Spoke with Sildar recently.

Garalel – Sun elf – Symbol and candles – no iris. Blind but looks in our directions.
Temphora – Goddess of Goodluck – Greedy God. Will leave important things out.
Bogentel Spell Book – will trade two sessions for the book.
Agatha’s song is based on real place. Will answer one questions if we go to the tree.
Give doll for Bogental Spell Book – some have offered their own beauties and have been aged years.

Using Compass to find tree. Guarded by a magical mist.
Fought OwlBears
Fought Scourge – sucks blood

Lady Elf sucks 10 years from Gardains.

Volcano, hut beneath, touch her and she will see the vision.

Where is the mine of Gundren Rokseeker? – mountains, deeper, past forest, mountain side, no opening, here is the cave… Wave Echo Cave…. How dangerous, sealed with Rune. Or lots of shuffles.

Memory goes out of my mind.

Knox’s charater knows the place Hotenow Volcano

Castle – Gundren – hurt but alive – moved instantly – on root to a cave. Locked by a rune. To unlock you must capture one who helped make the ruin. The Spider has made Dopelgamers, either one can help to reverse the ruins. Need their hand…
One can be found in the castle that Gundren was in.

Look for Dopelgamers, also look like normal people.

How to capture Glass Staff – resides in Tresendor Manor, east of village. Attack from front is folly. Power lies with the halflings. Secret enterance into the manor.
Blinks, halting that can get us into the manor. Hoods would be recommend.

Season 4

Head back to the Owns Stonehill Inn.

Mae/Pebbles and Kosef Tohami are in the same room. Mae wakes up and hears her door open. Moth, shows up and give a letter from Glass Staff. Letter accuses her of stealing something? She never stole anything.

Kosef Tohami, orders for everyone. Good meal.

Mae reveals that she received a note from Glass Staff.

“Little Thief, I am surprised that you have returned? Did you miss the Redbrands? Did you think you would return to my town with out me noticing. Return my Luck Stone and all will be forgiven.”

Mae has family. More than Quilen AlderLeaf? Sneaking through the city… doesn’t go well.

AlderLeaf Farm Carp is the name of the Mae’s nephew. 5 goblins handling the chickens and cows. In the middle of the is Aunt Quilen AlderLeaf riding a Saint Bernard.

Go inside the house. Wide door, but only about 4 feet tall.

Mae takes Quilen aside and tells her what’s going on. She gets angry that Mae was apart of the Redbrands. She freaked about Mae attempting to take down the Redbrands. She feels better about it when Mae tells her that Lady Halia Thorton tasked the group to take Glass Staff down.
Carp shows up dressed up as Mae, clearly looks up to Mae and wants to be an adventure.

Carp reveals that he has meet someone named “”/characters/bug" class=“wiki-content-link”>Bug" who has taught him a lot. Bug lives next to the Redbrands place. Bug is a Dryad. Not a fairy dragon.

Travel to Dryad. Telling riddles. Follow Bug and pass riddles, then
Gardain gives his dagger to Bug.

Dryad ages as we go.

Manor is decrepit, is in desera.
Strange one that lives in the sea, 8 arms…
Three lives, gentle enough to smooth the skin, crack rocks,
A single eye but cannot see… A needle didn’t get it right
light as a feather, but the strongest man cannot hold me long – Breath
Never resting, never still, moving silently from hill to hill, does not walk run or trat, – SUN
Four letters long, seen in the sky, ocean and the sea – Blue

Asked us to say the name then absorbed us. Mae was hesitant.

Found number of items.
Travelers Clothes
Potion of healing
Potion of

Growing membership. Not just halfings. Mae has experience. Redbrands have been around longer but just recently became an issue.

Found a storage unit with Redbrand uniform.

Enter room with three Redbrands. Kosef Tohami gave it all away. On Redbrand attacks Gardain doing 6 damage.

Gardain, after seeing the prisoners (2 woman and 1 child) Gardain casts a powerful necrotic spell and takes half the damage in backlash…
Mearna oldest woman – from Thunder Tree, has something there… Has a husband around that the Redbrands took.

Went back to the entrance
What falls down but never breaks…
Doesn’t burn in fire and doesn’t drown in water – Ice

If you ever make your way to Thundertree, find the burned down alchemy shop. In the fireplace find a necklace, or value.
Find Fell.
Find secret door into a cavern with a big crevice.
Heavy necrotic presence
Nothic is seen on a pillar – perverted wizards who sot necrotic power.
See decomposing body in the crevice


Seed of evil enters Liss… Seed shatters… then it leaves.
Mae goes into the cavern. Notices that the body is probably Fell. Same kind of clothes.
Find a cave with a chest with all kinds of stuff.
Find a beautiful silver sword, hilt is a blackbird – Talon – once belonged to a great knight called the “Black Knight”. +1 Longsword.
Kosef Tohami goes down and gets the chest.
150 sp – 30 each
95 gp 19 each
5 Malachite Gem worth 15 gp each – 1 for each.
Scroll of Augury

Enter a room with 3 drunk and 1 not drunk Bugbears. one goblin servant.

Season 5

Mae tries to kill the goblin, Gardain stopped it. Intimidated the goblin, Droop promised to take them to Cragmar castle.
loot – 33 silver, black leather eye patch, precious stone.

Short rest – dark hand slapped Gundren Rockseeker in a vision.

Droop has one massive tooth.

Open last door. Room is empty. Looks like a wizards workshop. Rat scurries under stuff. Lots of tombs and books. Rat is just sitting there.
Drop rat into vat of boiling stuff, it poofs away in a puff a smoke.

Lost mines of Phandalvor, forge of spells.

Open door, Mae checks for traps, walls are covered in scarlet clothes. Writing desk and bed are in shambles. Chest. Nothing in the chest.
Iarno, spies in Neverwinter say – kill or captcher adventures, don’t get captured.
Ilarno Albrek.

Forage of spells was fought over by Orcs. Lost mines will make someone wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.
Lightbringer – god of dawn – priest of Lathandor was made from it.

Asked innkeep at Owns Stonehill Inn about Sildar Hallwinter.
Owen did tells us about Duran who wished to reward us for saving his relatives.

Head to the Town Hall. Hearing shouting and yelling. Kalli, and Sildar and Town Master. Heard yelling and glass falling on the floor.
Town master, yelling, screaming:
Sildar is shown letter, basically condemning Iarno. Iarno was apart of the Lord’s Alliance.
Asked about Craigmare castle.
Craigmare Clan, Goblin clan.

Orchard is kept nice close to the home. Not time of year, but there are apples.
Door opens. Mearna is there. Do see, with huge spectacles on, an elf. Step-father to Mearna, son was taken. Children and Mearna are not elves. Thell.

Given Gardain Rockseeker and Lis – Sovles Sandanadel Boots of Elvenkind and some ball that restrains someone.
Mae sees another rat.
Elf named Daran Edermath. Need to return items at someone point.

As i walk, see the farm, looks normal.

Goblins at aunts house are all crying, took the Aunt and Carp. Note was left, “Bring back the stone.”

ThunderTree – Druid in ThunderTree will help.
See horseshoe marks in the dirt, heading to her Ladyships/ Phandalin Minor Exchange.

See Roulsh – just got laid. Probably sleeping with Halia Thorton.

Halia offers to rent horses if given collateral. See onyx statue that was looted then stolen from the green fairy dragon. Gave her Sapphire and two malachite pieces.

Arrive in Thundertree. Stone town in the center. Collapsed. Town is silent. A ruin. 6 signs near by reading: Plant monsters and zombie.

Find halfling druid, doesn’t like people, insulted us.
Opposite part of town is the druid’s (Ridalf) garden.
There are cultist and a DRAGON.
Fight plants in building.
Find a house with larger than normal spider-webs.
Find another house with webs.

Cultists, can self-emploed – Praise the dragon!
Attacked by 5 cultists… for NO reason!

We die. Wake, knocked out again.
Wake up in den with dragon. It is copper!!!!

Session 6

Mae/Pebbles, Kallishit Malisac, Kosef Tohami meet up at Thundertree after Mae scouted out Craigmare Castle. There they meet Sqirrek.

He mentions that the he is from the Plane of Air.

Kalli and Kosef hit the door for the Druid named Ridealf, almost get shocked by electricity.

Talk their way into the druid’s house.

Liss, talks to dragons, seems cool. Mentions the fairy dragon, gets caught in dragons claws, fails a strength check. Gets knocked out.

Sqirrek scouts up in the air. Mae stealth’s ahead, passes spider’s den.
Stealth the village heading towards the garden. Sqirrek flies up, not super stealthy.

Namari is the Copper dragon! Liss makes pact with Namari. Bring Halia Thorton to Namari.

Garden is in disuse. Over harvested. went to the dragon lair. Meet Liss. Meet dragon. Kosef tired to shoot dragon. Found out that Gardain was killed. Had a funeral for Gardain Rockseeker.

At Craigmar castle, well maintained. Front heavily guarded. Polymoroph to get into it is a very good idea.

Need: one for each person: Golden Antler, Rose Twirls, Amethyst.

Dragon takes us to the garden, gets us past the cultists. Get the plants.
Give the horse to the druid. He shrinks them.
Namari gives Liss one of her scales as one of her cards.

Meet with Halia Thorton. She has a hunger when she sees the dragon. Lady Thorton changes her clothes. High neck, long sleeves. 19 arcane check shows she has some magic on her.
Sqirrek is babbling on with Halia, suddenly a tree shows up before Sqirrek, he stumbles, catches himself, then Halia comforts him and suddenly Halia pricks him with something. Not sure what it is, but it is not magical. Scratch back, find a sore spot on back.

Halia and Namari talk. Discuss the faerie dragon Ruo. Lady Thorton asks for some of the dragon blood. Namari says no, says she will give her another scale. Lady Thorton looks around like she is calculating something.

Kalli, tells Namari, “Why don’t you have Liss take the scale off.” Namari response, “Yes, but Rue must be restored first.”
Thorton makes a “call” through the construct to Sister Gural. Sister casts Greater Restoration through the construct. Fairy dragon seems to be in pain. Ladyship slumps on the ground, construct falls, and so does the fairy dragon. Flicker on the constructs. Constructs are connected.
Thorton has lost power to maintain fourth construct.
“Wake up little one,” says Thorton. Rue goes and loves on Namari.

Liss knows there are many memory alteration spells that could make Rue forget about “the master”.
Scale given to Lady Thorton. Pact between Namari and Liss is satisfied on Liss’ part.
Liss’ pact is about fulfilled. Namari’ claw glows, touches Liss, hand burns like a thousands shocks. Watch bones grow, blood, tendens, scales. A copper dragon hands. Two fingers and a thumb. Thumb is a human thumb. able to do magic, can’t grip sword very well, but scales are immune to acid damage.

Each have a polymorph potion.

Namari gives us from her hord:
800 Silver pieces
150 gold
4 potions of healing
Scroll of misty step
Scroll of lightning bolt

Gives Kosef Tohami Axe, dwarven made, carved into the hilt: Hew – +1 Battle Axe. Takes maximum damage against wood/ inanimate object. Thundertree was known for producing lumber.

Season 7

Arrived at Cragmair castle. 7 crumbling towers. Goblins, few bug bears, also a different kind of creatures. A bunch of pumpkin heads. No windows, only arrow slits 10 feet off the ground.

Creatures walking in, look like different people, but seems like they are the same person.

Liss reveals that his arm is slowing getting taken over the dragon scales. He also sounds much more like a man. Sqirrek inspects the arm with general medicine and arcane means. Unsure if it will take over his whole body or just the arm. Liss can’t go on, so Sqirrek flies him up into a tree so that he will be safe.

Rest of the group take potions, Kosef Tohami, Mae/Pebbles, Sqirrek take potions and turn into bats. Start flying through building. Kosef Tohami flies into a room with goblins at an alter.

Kosef gets captured by goblin boss and gets put in a cage on his belt. Kali discovers a trap and stays away. Mae and Sqirrek discover an albino Owlbear who is huge and scary. Sqirrek tries to sneak in, but gets attacked by the Owlbear, he dodges the attacks and flys into the next room but finds a dead end by all those doors. Mae enters the room, saw Sqirrek was safe, then went around the far side of the castle.

Mae continues around and find an open cellar, enters, seeing some faces carved into wall, that appear to be looking at her.

Sqirrek flies in, tries to help Kosef, doesn’t work, then tries to distract them goblins, but gets swiped takes 8 points of damaged and turned back into a Aarakocra. Kosef gets the key unlocks the cage, and turns back into a human, taking damage from the cage. Mae flies in and poofs back into herself.

Mae shoots big goblin in the leg, Kalie attacks him as well, Sqirrek kills him. Mae takes out another with her bow, and Kalie attempts to reason with the goblins, it doesn’t work, so he attacks. One goblin grapples Sqirrek’s wings, Sqirrek oneshots another and tries to attack another. Two goblins run, one is still on Sqirrek’s wings. They kill off remained goblins minus one that Sqirrek tries to chase but loses track of him. Kosef tries to enter trapped area, floor falls away and he wall runs to get to the door. Sqirrek, after casting prestidigitation, joins him.

Kali finds an orb that is important that does stuff, probably the orb that Mae is supposed to have stolen. Enter room with three bug bears, Moth, Mae’s aunt and cousin are there. They are slowly being turned into plants. Find out that there is a magical focus that is keeping the spell going. It may be on the wizards person or near by. This is not normal magic, but it is probably added from some kind of deity.

Kali reveals that he has the Luck Stone. Sqirrek examines the stone. Holding it is like flying forever in the “Air plane” per DM, with his tribe. It is everything wonderful and happy and it is enticing. Luck is given from Goddess of good luck and bad luck. Understands that the longer someone has the stone, there is a year of good luck and if you loose it it is a year of bad luck. Also, if you die with the stone, you would no longer have the stone, therefore theoretically you could have bad luck in the after life. Sqirrek, knowing this, keeps the stone and tells them that it is to much for any man, and says they should keep it safe and protect it. He puts it into his backpack.

Enter next room where the goblins were that were at an alter, making lots of noise. No one is there. There is an alter with various implements of some ritual covered by some cloth. Sqirrek tries to check for magic, sees nothing. Checks for traps, nothing, tells Kosef to go for it. Kosef moves middle black cloth, and sees a beautiful glass stonework.
One has symbol of ogma, God of knowledge. One in blood, don’t recognize it.
Cloth on left and right get moved. This is a holy area that has been defiled. Beautiful sculpture are on both sides that has been destroyed. Ogma is an interesting god to follow, Ogma is known as the father and the mother, open to all races and sexes, female version is Kerma. All serious followers believe that they are one and the same. Female version is on one side male on the other.

Sqirrek, hoping to find the focus that was used for the spell that is making Mae’s family plants, picks up the chalice and breaks it. Nothing happens. He picks up the skull, and crushes it in his hand. Black shit comes out and envelops Sqirrek. He shrugs off the effect with a 21 Con Save. Definitely would have killed him otherwise.

Check on the Mae’s family, still plants. Sqirrek reaches into his backpack, touches the Luck Stone for a moment, then closes the bag again. Kosef sees it and demands the stone. Sqirrek gives it to him.

By clearing the alter, alter glows burning away the unknown blood symbol, of course Kosef Tohami tries to break it but fails the role so it speaks to him. Sqirrek kneels, casts a spell, asks for knowledge of how to break the spell. God speaks, will not help with questions, but will reward them. A figurine appears. Asks it to restore the temple. Must destroy the false god, as you just cleared it. Sqirrek, stands up and looks at the figurine. Radiates magic. No where near like the stone that feels good but a temptation. Friendly, doesn’t make you hunger for it. Active the stone, starts to beat in Sqirrek’s hand, bounces out of hands, expands into a black unicorn. He talks like a Black Southern Baptist Preacher. Find out that he can heal people so we run out of the fortress and Sqirrek flies up to the tree he had dropped Liss off in to bring him down, and he is GONE!!

We have an Obsidian Statue that is kind of blob like thing that can turn into a lot of things.

Chapter 8

Find Liss in the bushes, throwing up acid. There is scales across his eyes and one of his eyes has turned copper. Unicorn looks at Liss, asks about the Norsic thing, evil wizard thing… Northic made him more susceptible to transmutation. Going to stop his heart, but need dragon parts.
Unicorn casts a ritual spell with the help of Kosef Tohami. Stopped the curse thing on Liss. Unicorn turns back into statuette. Sqirrek picks it up.

Enter the castle again. Kosef gets his axe stuck in one of the faces on one of the walls. Everyone joins to help.

Sqirrek opens the next door and sees Ilarno Albrek who casts friends on him and tells him to get his Luck Stone. Sqirrek goes back into the room and tries to get the stone. Iarno comes out and tells them they have 5 mins. Mae and Sqirrek try to take the stone from Kosef but he repeals them. Mae and Sqirrek yell at Kosef who pulls out the stone. Sqirrek flies into the air and take the stone out of Kosef’s hands and throws it at the rat. The rat picks it up.

Meanwhile Liss is trying to open the magic door in the room that Ilarno Albrek was in.

On the wall there is a riddle about how to open the door.
the doors
head to mouth
hear, smell and truly see.
right to right, and left to left

Liss opens the door. Liss casts shatter into the room. Hear deep grunts, feminine outbursts, carp and Quellen cry out. They both pass out. They are dead.
Sqirrek walks into the room and tells them that they lost the only bit of leverage left.
FIGHT!!! Crazy lady is in there plus plant zombie bug bear and some Treants.
Crazy gets killed by Mae.
Almost all died.
There was a dwarf looking like a plant there. Gundren is dead.
Sqirrek goes off and shoots the Owlbear with arrows. Liss tries to help the Owlbear but doesn’t make it better.
Everything is dead but we lived.
Sack of 220 silver. 44 silver to everyone.

Go back and got the horses. Told druid about Mae’s aunt dying. He’s sad. Sqirrek feels an itch where he lost that feather from Halia Thorton.

Rode back, got a drink, got blasted, went to bed.
Halia Thorton shows up at the bar and asks to talk. Sqirrek and Lis – Sovles Sandanadel talk with her. She says that the towns safety of the town is important to her. Something was able to get past and into wave echo cave. Rebirth would be a rebirth of Phandalivin. Sentry’s disappear around the entrance.
She says she wants to help. Wants to aid us.
Haven’t found the plot of the Spider. Don’t know what they are planning to do. Offer of alliance with the her Ladyship.

Chapter 9

Get ready to go to Wave Echo Cave. Go to Phandalin Minor Exchange to meet with Halia Thorton.
Existed as a magical hub. Was a beautiful place. Was destroyed when the dwarves, the wizards, and orcs.

She gives an option of stealth or armor. Choose armor. Received bracers.
Receive a flask of whiskey in trade for the feather she took.

Sqirrek went to the Lionshield Coster to ask about potions.
Get the potions by paying 49.5 gold a piece. Mae bought a pony instead and wasted her healing potion on it.

One hour down from the surface. Can hear water, 20 feet up. Stone mural. Crates of supplies. Bowl has a plake next to it.
In Dwarvish:
Strength, Determination, Patience, Wisdom, Beauty. You must experience it all to be brave. Don’t be the last.
Keeper: Impress the keeper… or beware of the keeper.

Go to a pit further in. It has dead stuff down there. Big spiders and ghouls and stuff.
Found a dwarf that looks like it might be Tharden Rockseeker.
Found a note on the body that says: “Five bugs fly into a spider’s nest // Caught in the web // The Spider doesn’t protest”

Force field is be projected by the very walls.

Some of the skeletons are chard. All dead.

Go into tunnels. Lanterns are all lit.

Found a plant that has 5 basketballs on it.

Room with a bunch of plants, 10 different types of flowers. A vase appears magically. Sqirrek fly’s up, picks a bunch of flowers then lands to put flowers in vase. A gem appears, he takes it and hears: Beauty.

Find a talking worm… That Lis almost killed with fire.

Another room. Has two force field. they are on the ground. Basketball hoop. Makes a basketball shot. Ball turns into gym. Patience.

Kali breaks open door. into closet. Has well inside. Acid inside. 20 feet down there is something down there. There is a mural up above, that has big spoons. Assuming we can try to find a spoon that will help us get in.
Experiment with the acid.

A room that has been sealed. It is super clean. Three bells with handles. Four pressure plates. Have to have one person stand on pressure plates and then go and get rocks to weigh down the plates.

Kosef Tohami goes charging forward and gets attacked by a gelatinous cube. FIGHT!
Mae and Kali wrap a rope around the cube and pop out Kosef.

Find a lake. There is dead bodies. Sqirrek stabs a body with the spear but the body tires to grab the spear. Sqirrek uses his weapon bond to summon it back and they all leave.

Find another room with a fancy door. Mae unlocks it. Find a chest with a glass ladle in a chest and the heavy weight needed. Take the weight and put it back on the pressure plate. Receive the strength gem.

Take the ladle to the acid pit. The ladle gets longer, use it to get whatever is at the bottom of the pit. Wisdom.

Go back to a large section with fire-pits and tables. Dozen of dead warriors from long ago.

Body in a spiders web. Find a riddle on his body.
“The lucky coward // He tried to run away // The game wasn’t over // He didn’t want to stay
Promised me loyalty // A pawn so devout // Received the Spider’s bite // It’s his luck that ran out.”
The body is Ilarno Albrek

Stand with glyph where something can be inserted, like a gem.

Go back to pool. Kosef through a robe with a rock. Kali and Kosef try to pull out the body, the body is skeletal.
Fly up and then get lower and can see the stone below. See a mural with a picture of a small creature swimming down into the water and being okay. Cast Protection from Good and Evil on Mae. She swims down, takes the gem, Determination.

End of the session.


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