Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Session 2

Just a small, quite town, nothing to see here...

Upon arriving back at their wagon carrying the crates with the Blue Lion head on it, they discover that there wagon has been tampered with. All the food has a single bit taken out of it, even some of the textiles. There are 4 green scales left behind, likely that little dragon trickster.

The rest of the trip into Phandalin is uneventful.

Upon arrival they are greated by a walking talking suit of armor called H204-Alpha. He speaks like a robot and typical of an AI it sees us as a threat and says it will attack us. Luckily Roush halts the AI. He tells the party that H204-Alpha is made by “Her Ladyship”, Halia Thorton and that she has done nothing but good for the town and we should give her our upmost respect. She is incharge of the Phandalin Minor Exchange. Roush directs us to Batheens Previsions.

Inside they met Elmor, who runs Batheens Previsions. When they walked in Elmor had a dagger on the counter, then took it off. When we asked about the other crates, he said that the mark on them was the mark of the Lionshield Coster. The building is just down the way.

The party rents the wagon for the short trip to Lionshield Coster, makes their way there and goes inside to meet Linene Greywind who runs this store front for the Lionshield Coster. She slips a weapon off the counter when the party walks in as well. She gives them 10 gold each for the goods and lets them know that with the goods that they gave her she can make some healing potions in a few days and to come back.

By asking Linene Greywind, the party learns of some interesting people and places.
The Sleeping Giant Inn is where the band of punks called The Redbrands frequent, and a sweet gal by the name of Krista
A flamboyant halfling by the name of Quilen AlderLeaf who also happens to be Mae/Pebbles aunt! They are known to higher goblins during the season work.
The party spends the evening at Owns Stonehill Inn. Toblin Stonehill who is probably is the NPC with the love interest in Krista.
Early the next morning the party gets up early to meet with “Her Ladyship” Halia Thorton at the Phandalin Minor Exchange. It is quite busy with a line going quite far out the door. It is all dwarfs that are waiting there. The party is told that they can come back later after the morning rush and meet with “Her Ladyship” then.

The party leaves and heads to the other known power in this city, the Town Master, Harbon Wester. He is located at the Town Hall He is a fat man that looks like King Robert from Game of Thrones. Sildar Hallwinter is there and is asking the Town Master about his friend Iarno. The town master is not to keen on discussing the matter.

From Harbon Wester we learn that the mine that Gundren Rockseeker and his brothers are interested in is not registered. They had an agreement with Halia Thorton that they would give no name and no location. All we know is that it is in the Northern Sword Mountains… which are to the south of Phandalin.

Harbon Wester also offers a reward of 100 gold pieces to the party if they can kill some Orcs that are menacing Phandalin.
The Redbrands however, he will not give a reward for. Just bring them in.

Two of the party members, eager to throw down with The Redbrands, go charging through the town and head to The Sleeping Giant Inn.



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