Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Session 1


Gundren Rockseeker hired the party to a take a trip down the High Road and deliver some goods to Batheens Previsions in Phandalin for 10 gold pieces a piece,

Gundren was with us then road ahead with Sildar Hallwinter.

Party came down the road when they came upon some horses dead on the side of the road. As they approached they were ambushed by some goblins.
As they attacked they said, “Kill everyone else, take the dwarf” referencing Gundren Rockseeker.

The party quickly killed the attackers then inspected the horses.

A letter was found on the horses. It was from Tharden Rockseeker. The letter spoke of the new cave they found but it had evil stuff to it and it smells bad. Nundro says they need reinforcements.

Finding the letter implies that Gundren Rockseeker is dead because the horse he was riding was dead. The party found blood leading down a path to the north.

At some point a little green dragon/fairy creature flew in out of nowhere an took some gold or something, said a rhyme of some kind in draconic, then after one of the party members spoke to it in dragonic it screamed in pain, Get Namari!

The party charged ahead, eventually reaching a cave filled with goblins. After making there way through it, dealing with a water damn that could be released and wash them out of the cavern, they eventually came to the once leader of this Goblins, Yimek. His place of leadership had been usurped by a Bugbear by the name of Clarg. He has a pet warg by the name of Ripper. Clarg was sent by “The Master” who goes by the name, The Spider. Yimek reveals that he has a half-dead Sildar and that he will give him to the party if they kill Clarg.

The party, after briefly licking their wounds, make there way back through the caves and encounter Clarg, and Ripper. There are some goblins there as well, but they stay out of the fight. Clarg went down easy, but Ripper took some extra time. Finally with Clarg and Ripper defeated, the party returned to Yimek. He gave them Sildar, and told them that Gundren Rockseeker was in another location. Cragmair castle, where a bugbear by the name of King Krul rules. Occasionally they would get instructions and letters from there.

The party found some crates with a Blue Lions head painted on it. They decided to take the crates with them.



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