Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Season 7

Arrived at Cragmair castle. 7 crumbling towers. Goblins, few bug bears, also a different kind of creatures. A bunch of pumpkin heads. No windows, only arrow slits 10 feet off the ground.

Creatures walking in, look like different people, but seems like they are the same person.

Liss reveals that his arm is slowing getting taken over the dragon scales. He also sounds much more like a man. Sqirrek inspects the arm with general medicine and arcane means. Unsure if it will take over his whole body or just the arm. Liss can’t go on, so Sqirrek flies him up into a tree so that he will be safe.

Rest of the group take potions, Kosef Tohami, Mae/Pebbles, Sqirrek take potions and turn into bats. Start flying through building. Kosef Tohami flies into a room with goblins at an alter.

Kosef gets captured by goblin boss and gets put in a cage on his belt. Kali discovers a trap and stays away. Mae and Sqirrek discover an albino Owlbear who is huge and scary. Sqirrek tries to sneak in, but gets attacked by the Owlbear, he dodges the attacks and flys into the next room but finds a dead end by all those doors. Mae enters the room, saw Sqirrek was safe, then went around the far side of the castle.

Mae continues around and find an open cellar, enters, seeing some faces carved into wall, that appear to be looking at her.

Sqirrek flies in, tries to help Kosef, doesn’t work, then tries to distract them goblins, but gets swiped takes 8 points of damaged and turned back into a Aarakocra. Kosef gets the key unlocks the cage, and turns back into a human, taking damage from the cage. Mae flies in and poofs back into herself.

Mae shoots big goblin in the leg, Kalie attacks him as well, Sqirrek kills him. Mae takes out another with her bow, and Kalie attempts to reason with the goblins, it doesn’t work, so he attacks. One goblin grapples Sqirrek’s wings, Sqirrek oneshots another and tries to attack another. Two goblins run, one is still on Sqirrek’s wings. They kill off remained goblins minus one that Sqirrek tries to chase but loses track of him. Kosef tries to enter trapped area, floor falls away and he wall runs to get to the door. Sqirrek, after casting prestidigitation, joins him.

Kali finds an orb that is important that does stuff, probably the orb that Mae is supposed to have stolen. Enter room with three bug bears, Moth, Mae’s aunt and cousin are there. They are slowly being turned into plants. Find out that there is a magical focus that is keeping the spell going. It may be on the wizards person or near by. This is not normal magic, but it is probably added from some kind of deity.

Kali reveals that he has the Luck Stone. Sqirrek examines the stone. Holding it is like flying forever in the “Air plane” per DM, with his tribe. It is everything wonderful and happy and it is enticing. Luck is given from Goddess of good luck and bad luck. Understands that the longer someone has the stone, there is a year of good luck and if you loose it it is a year of bad luck. Also, if you die with the stone, you would no longer have the stone, therefore theoretically you could have bad luck in the after life. Sqirrek, knowing this, keeps the stone and tells them that it is to much for any man, and says they should keep it safe and protect it. He puts it into his backpack.

Enter next room where the goblins were that were at an alter, making lots of noise. No one is there. There is an alter with various implements of some ritual covered by some cloth. Sqirrek tries to check for magic, sees nothing. Checks for traps, nothing, tells Kosef to go for it. Kosef moves middle black cloth, and sees a beautiful glass stonework.
One has symbol of ogma, God of knowledge. One in blood, don’t recognize it.
Cloth on left and right get moved. This is a holy area that has been defiled. Beautiful sculpture are on both sides that has been destroyed. Ogma is an interesting god to follow, Ogma is known as the father and the mother, open to all races and sexes, female version is Kerma. All serious followers believe that they are one and the same. Female version is on one side male on the other.

Sqirrek, hoping to find the focus that was used for the spell that is making Mae’s family plants, picks up the chalice and breaks it. Nothing happens. He picks up the skull, and crushes it in his hand. Black shit comes out and envelops Sqirrek. He shrugs off the effect with a 21 Con Save. Definitely would have killed him otherwise.

Check on the Mae’s family, still plants. Sqirrek reaches into his backpack, touches the Luck Stone for a moment, then closes the bag again. Kosef sees it and demands the stone. Sqirrek gives it to him.

By clearing the alter, alter glows burning away the unknown blood symbol, of course Kosef Tohami tries to break it but fails the role so it speaks to him. Sqirrek kneels, casts a spell, asks for knowledge of how to break the spell. God speaks, will not help with questions, but will reward them. A figurine appears. Asks it to restore the temple. Must destroy the false god, as you just cleared it. Sqirrek, stands up and looks at the figurine. Radiates magic. No where near like the stone that feels good but a temptation. Friendly, doesn’t make you hunger for it. Active the stone, starts to beat in Sqirrek’s hand, bounces out of hands, expands into a black unicorn. He talks like a Black Southern Baptist Preacher. Find out that he can heal people so we run out of the fortress and Sqirrek flies up to the tree he had dropped Liss off in to bring him down, and he is GONE!!

We have an Obsidian Statue that is kind of blob like thing that can turn into a lot of things.



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