Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Season 4

Head back to the Owns Stonehill Inn.

Mae/Pebbles and Kosef Tohami are in the same room. Mae wakes up and hears her door open. Moth, shows up and give a letter from Glass Staff. Letter accuses her of stealing something? She never stole anything.

Kosef Tohami, orders for everyone. Good meal.

Mae reveals that she received a note from Glass Staff.

“Little Thief, I am surprised that you have returned? Did you miss the Redbrands? Did you think you would return to my town with out me noticing. Return my Luck Stone and all will be forgiven.”

Mae has family. More than Quilen AlderLeaf? Sneaking through the city… doesn’t go well.

AlderLeaf Farm Carp is the name of the Mae’s nephew. 5 goblins handling the chickens and cows. In the middle of the is Aunt Quilen AlderLeaf riding a Saint Bernard.

Go inside the house. Wide door, but only about 4 feet tall.

Mae takes Quilen aside and tells her what’s going on. She gets angry that Mae was apart of the Redbrands. She freaked about Mae attempting to take down the Redbrands. She feels better about it when Mae tells her that Lady Halia Thorton tasked the group to take Glass Staff down.
Carp shows up dressed up as Mae, clearly looks up to Mae and wants to be an adventure.

Carp reveals that he has meet someone named “”/characters/bug" class=“wiki-content-link”>Bug" who has taught him a lot. Bug lives next to the Redbrands place. Bug is a Dryad. Not a fairy dragon.

Travel to Dryad. Telling riddles. Follow Bug and pass riddles, then
Gardain gives his dagger to Bug.

Dryad ages as we go.

Manor is decrepit, is in desera.
Strange one that lives in the sea, 8 arms…
Three lives, gentle enough to smooth the skin, crack rocks,
A single eye but cannot see… A needle didn’t get it right
light as a feather, but the strongest man cannot hold me long – Breath
Never resting, never still, moving silently from hill to hill, does not walk run or trat, – SUN
Four letters long, seen in the sky, ocean and the sea – Blue

Asked us to say the name then absorbed us. Mae was hesitant.

Found number of items.
Travelers Clothes
Potion of healing
Potion of

Growing membership. Not just halfings. Mae has experience. Redbrands have been around longer but just recently became an issue.

Found a storage unit with Redbrand uniform.

Enter room with three Redbrands. Kosef Tohami gave it all away. On Redbrand attacks Gardain doing 6 damage.

Gardain, after seeing the prisoners (2 woman and 1 child) Gardain casts a powerful necrotic spell and takes half the damage in backlash…
Mearna oldest woman – from Thunder Tree, has something there… Has a husband around that the Redbrands took.

Went back to the entrance
What falls down but never breaks…
Doesn’t burn in fire and doesn’t drown in water – Ice

If you ever make your way to Thundertree, find the burned down alchemy shop. In the fireplace find a necklace, or value.
Find Fell.
Find secret door into a cavern with a big crevice.
Heavy necrotic presence
Nothic is seen on a pillar – perverted wizards who sot necrotic power.
See decomposing body in the crevice


Seed of evil enters Liss… Seed shatters… then it leaves.
Mae goes into the cavern. Notices that the body is probably Fell. Same kind of clothes.
Find a cave with a chest with all kinds of stuff.
Find a beautiful silver sword, hilt is a blackbird – Talon – once belonged to a great knight called the “Black Knight”. +1 Longsword.
Kosef Tohami goes down and gets the chest.
150 sp – 30 each
95 gp 19 each
5 Malachite Gem worth 15 gp each – 1 for each.
Scroll of Augury

Enter a room with 3 drunk and 1 not drunk Bugbears. one goblin servant.



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