Lost Mines of Phandelver - Roseville

Chapter 8

Find Liss in the bushes, throwing up acid. There is scales across his eyes and one of his eyes has turned copper. Unicorn looks at Liss, asks about the Norsic thing, evil wizard thing… Northic made him more susceptible to transmutation. Going to stop his heart, but need dragon parts.
Unicorn casts a ritual spell with the help of Kosef Tohami. Stopped the curse thing on Liss. Unicorn turns back into statuette. Sqirrek picks it up.

Enter the castle again. Kosef gets his axe stuck in one of the faces on one of the walls. Everyone joins to help.

Sqirrek opens the next door and sees Ilarno Albrek who casts friends on him and tells him to get his Luck Stone. Sqirrek goes back into the room and tries to get the stone. Iarno comes out and tells them they have 5 mins. Mae and Sqirrek try to take the stone from Kosef but he repeals them. Mae and Sqirrek yell at Kosef who pulls out the stone. Sqirrek flies into the air and take the stone out of Kosef’s hands and throws it at the rat. The rat picks it up.

Meanwhile Liss is trying to open the magic door in the room that Ilarno Albrek was in.

On the wall there is a riddle about how to open the door.
the doors
head to mouth
hear, smell and truly see.
right to right, and left to left

Liss opens the door. Liss casts shatter into the room. Hear deep grunts, feminine outbursts, carp and Quellen cry out. They both pass out. They are dead.
Sqirrek walks into the room and tells them that they lost the only bit of leverage left.
FIGHT!!! Crazy lady is in there plus plant zombie bug bear and some Treants.
Crazy gets killed by Mae.
Almost all died.
There was a dwarf looking like a plant there. Gundren is dead.
Sqirrek goes off and shoots the Owlbear with arrows. Liss tries to help the Owlbear but doesn’t make it better.
Everything is dead but we lived.
Sack of 220 silver. 44 silver to everyone.

Go back and got the horses. Told druid about Mae’s aunt dying. He’s sad. Sqirrek feels an itch where he lost that feather from Halia Thorton.

Rode back, got a drink, got blasted, went to bed.
Halia Thorton shows up at the bar and asks to talk. Sqirrek and Lis – Sovles Sandanadel talk with her. She says that the towns safety of the town is important to her. Something was able to get past and into wave echo cave. Rebirth would be a rebirth of Phandalivin. Sentry’s disappear around the entrance.
She says she wants to help. Wants to aid us.
Haven’t found the plot of the Spider. Don’t know what they are planning to do. Offer of alliance with the her Ladyship.



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